About us

About us

Gigatel Solutions owns and operates intra-city underground fiber network of over 200 KMs, connecting Delhi NCR. Licensed with IP-1 from the Government of India, we have our optical fiber presence in dense parts of South Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. We provide last mile fiber connectivity to licensed Telecom Service Providers through our optical fiber network and a dynamic team of most experienced professionals in the area of Operations and Maintenance of Underground Fiber Network. Being an Infrastructure Provider, we specialise in building and operating dark fiber networks using the latest technologies. Our existing Dark fiber network is built using ring topology, assuring protection and reliability to our client base.

We undertake Turnkey OFC Projects, customised as per the client's requirements.

Our Vision

We are actively expanding our network, which means that if we don’t already connect your A and B, we do already have teams in place who can ensure a timely and cost-effective delivery according to your requirements.

Gigatel Core Transport, Aggregation and Access network architecture is built using multiple technologies. Our Company is laying 144 core optical fiber cable throughout Delhi NCR.

Why us

Stability : Once installed, a Dark Fiber wide-area network will become the most stable part of your network. It is not susceptible to the failures that can be caused by the re-configurations of other providers or accidental disruption by technicians. A seamless, dedicated network, serviced by one provider, gives you the stability you need. Of all the network we have laid, all the connectivity is on Ring, providing backup for your connectivity.

Flexibility : Whether you are looking to lease or own network, we will help you create a fiber solution to keep your customers running and your CFO smiling.

We have the Infrastructure to support options to add equipment for enhanced in-building wireless coverage and speeds.

Superior customer service from a dedicated account team.